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Career in Digital Marketing: Jobs & Career Opportunities in India

Have you come across an interactive blog post or web page? Or a great social media post? Wondered what it was all about? Here’s the answer: it is all about the magic of digital marketing!

Digital Marketing is traditionally defined as a way to market your product/services by using a digital platform-blog, social media, web page, mobile, email and so on. With the proliferation of technology and the number of platforms (for example apps) that leverage technology, digital marketing is booming and fast replacing various traditional modes of marketing. 

With the popularity of digital marketing, there are various avenues that have opened up for us to make use of-the scope and job opportunities in the field! According to a Study made by Direct Marketing Association, Digital Marketing Industry is worth $62 billion. Additionally, according eMarketer, advertising via mobile phones and tablets rose 180 percent, to $4 billion last year. This market is estimated to touch a whopping $7.2 billion soon. This rise is leading to a high demand for professionals trained in the various nitty gritties of Digital Marketing.

For the young technology aficionados and enthusiasts, this is a lucrative field without any iota of doubt. However, it is also a vast field with various profiles covering social media, content management and so on. To make an informed choice and be on the right career track, it is important to choose right. Here’s a brief look at the various fields of Digital Marketing to help you ascertain which field suits you the best:

1. SEO: Search Engine Optimization is an organic (unpaid) method of improving the ranking of web pages and their visibility on various search engines.

2. SEM: It is another method of increasing the visibility of web pages through sponsored placements and advertising. This requires the knowledge of how to run PPC campaigns, how to purchase traffic through paid search and so on.

3. SMM: This involves interacting, engaging and increasing audiences for your service via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The primary focus is to improve the brand image of the company. 

4. Email Marketing: A part of the company’s strategy to engage periodically with clients, many email marketing involves sending periodic newsletters, email campaigns, auto-responders to its subscribers in order to keep them updated with new products/services.

5. Mobile Marketing: With the launch of smartphones, mobile phones have become everyone’s one-stop pit for all possible activities for which they previously had to depend on computers or yellow page books. It is the platform on which we spend most of our time. Mobile marketing provides instant updates, promo offers and information of customers’ interests. A keen interest in developing and improving mobile technology is a prerequisite for those who wish to be involved in this.

6. Web Analytic: Web Analytic is a very crucial part of digital marketing. It is the backbone of digital marketing involving traffic analysis, business and market research and enhancing the website traffic. It is the indicator of where your campaign stands and the areas on which to improve.

Based on your interest, you can choose to work in 3 kinds of organization

  1. Digital Marketing Agency
  2. eCommerce companies 
  3. IT/ITES, SMBs

There are different profiles available based on one’s industry experience:

  • Executive (0 to 1 yr experience) 
  • Specialist (1 to 3 yr experience) 
  • Team Leader (2 to 5 year of experience) 
  • Digital Strategist (3 to 5 years of experience
  •  Digital Marketing Manager (5 to 10 years of experience)
  • Digital Marketing Director (10 years of experience)

While an Executive’s pay package can start at 1.5 lakh p.a. you can earn up to 40 lakh as a director.

Digital Marketing is a booming industry that is on the lookout for new talented professionals. If you feel you have the skills and the interest, the time is ripe for you to venture into it!

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Jr. SEO Executive/ Digital Marketing Executive. Bangalore location


We are hiring Jr. SEO Executive/ Digital Marketing Executive.

We are looking for trained graduates for the post of SEO to assist our Senior Consultants in the planning, execution, and optimization of our online marketing strategies.

The ideal candidate should have a passion for digital marketing and technology; should be versed in the concepts of digital marketing and SEO; and should be willing to learn and offer ideas to reinforce our marketing campaigns.


  • Attentively learn the techniques used by our Senior Consultants.
  • Assist in building and implementing SEO strategies.
  • Monitor campaign progress on various outlets and tell others about any problems.
  • Adopt standard techniques for white-hat SEO.
  • Provide creative ideas for content marketing and website updates.
  • Learn how to refine SEO strategies using web analytics tools (Google Analytics, WebTrends, etc.).
  • Basic understanding of digital marketing and SEO concepts.
  • Analytical mindset and critical thinking skills.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Proficient in written and spoken English.
Interested candidate can send their resume to 

Looking for SEO training. Visit our site 

Monday, 5 June 2017

SEO training for business owner /entrepreneur

Online marketing changing market dynamics

The rise of internet has been quite remarkable in India. The number of users has risen exponentially as Internet reached to the hinterlands of the country. The popularity is further triggered by lower tariff and high-speed internet connection. The result of which is more and more business owners embracing the concept of e-commerce over setting up brick and mortar stores. Advent of internet has presented them with an affordable marketing platform that can be used in reaching out to more number of prospective customers without spending lump sum on traditional forms of advertising. Online marketing offers higher ROI at less cost and less involvement of resource.

Advantages offered by online marketing are multifaceted. First and foremost, it is a powerful media to educate customers by ensuring even distribution of information. Side by side, it has also helped in targeting the right group of audience and helping firms in understanding their nature and requirements better.  Till date, most users search Internet to seek information or to research before making a purchase decision. As a business owner it is therefore important to open your mind and make information more easily available for your customers. It tends to deliver better result than a 30 second commercial of popular medium.

Secondly, it facilitated customer initiated interaction between them and firms. Earlier, the flow of information was directed from companies to customers. Internet has made both-way communication possible. As a result, companies now can get better insight on customer requirement and initiate customer participation in product offering. It has made conducting market research easier and cost effective. Marketing department now has better tools to consolidate information and customer feedback across channels to compile into their reports on market survey.

Internet has helped with customer empowerment and has prompted businesses to serve them better. Consumers now are equipped with knowledge and have the means to cross-check information, discuss services or their experiences with a brand. With overload of information and myriad number of services available they can compare between services and switch brand in a wink of an eye. To deal with increasing challenges of customer it has become more important to serve meaningful information that will add value to them.

Consumer consciousness can be a powerful tool for business owners if they know how to leverage the potential of online marketing.   But unfortunately, with lack of proper training and understanding of the media, many of online marketing campaigns have backfired in the recent years.

Modern businesses can’t ignore the power and scopes offered by internet marketing and here are a few insightful statistics to warm them up of its huge possibilities.

Why online marketing is so important

  • India is currently the third largest Internet using country in the world, after China and America and is expected to outnumber the US to grab the second position
  • Approximately around 450 million people use internet in India.
  • Rural India, where still the largest percentage of Indian population reside, has experienced a year-on-year growth rate of 58% of internet users.
  • The demography of India’s internet users also comprise retired professionals, non-working women, who often feature into the target audience group of businesses.
  • Popularity of Internet has grown amongst college going students and youths, who specially engage on social media.
  • The number of women internet users has grown by 43% which is higher than the rise of male internet users in the country.
  • The number of users accessing internet on their mobile phone has also increased significantly in recent time.

SEO training for business owners

SEO Training Point has been offering SEO training courses to students, professionals and business owners since 2011. With our exposure in media and marketing we were quick to recognize a serious dearth of quality training programs in leveraging the potential of online marketing.  After venturing into the industry we also started imparting coaching to small business owners and entrepreneurs specially crafted to address intrinsic industry challenges.

 Whether you are a small business owner wearing many hats, or have a small team to assist you, from day one your business would need the support of online marketing. We cover each aspect of internet marketing and offer industry specific courses to help them find their niche customer base.  Eleven years of exposure in media has provided us with insight that current Indian industries are experiencing hindrance in terms of limited exposure and lack of advanced marketing tools. To change the scenario SEOTP didn’t stop at offering only training. But for small business owners we work as their mentors in offering complete business solutions – business plan, marketing plan, marketing solution and tool kit.

Under SEOTP small business program we help entrepreneurs in evaluating their scopes, competition, future market possibilities by planning an economically viable and resource efficient business model. We cater to their need of effective marketing solutions through industry specific marketing training covering wider aspects of internet marketing covering the following topics.
  • Basic and purpose of SEO
  • Developing online marketing strategy involving SEO
  • SEO techniques and implementation
  • Website optimization
  • Generating business leads
  • Calculating SEO ROI
  • Content creation, marketing and optimization
  •  Developing SEO marketing strategy within strict budget
  • Marketing funnel   

What you will gain from SEO Training Point

Our mission is to help small business owners to reap full leverage of planned online marketing. It is our belief that with the right kind of tool, small business owners in India can be a forceful factor in changing the face of country’s economy. And therefore, our objective is not only to provide them with training but complete business solutions including web designing, content development, graphic designing and website hosting solutions. Our training will help you wade through competition and earn a critical edge over contemporaries. 

By implementing cutting-edge online marketing strategies you’d stand to gain:

  • Discover your mission and vision
  • More traffic and visitors to your website
  • Target audience and therefore, more prospective customers
  • Increased revenue
  • Edge over competitors and competitor analysis
  • Prominence in local and global market through strategic approach
  • Promotion across web platforms and social networking sites
  • Improved ROI on your marketing campaign
  •  Audience engagement through blogs and social media sites
  • Increasing the base of loyal customers 
For further info contact 

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

SEO Training Point opens its branch in Marathahalli , Bangalore

SEO Training BangaloreDigital Marketing (DM)  is an emerging field these days, as every business requires that its website will hit with more and more visitors, and capturing lead and inquiries. Many students, house wife, and professional nowadays are enrolling for the Digital Marketing course. SEO Training Point has provided in-depth knowledge to many out there with its comprehensive training plans. Because of your support and blessings, SEO Training Point, is happy to welcome you to our new branch located at Marathahalli, providing you with best experience with our newly developed infrastructure and newly created training plans, which makes you SEO professional in 40 hours. 

About our new centre

SEO Training Point, Marathahalli, branch, is well acquainted, with new technologies and facilities. We have acquired space in Marathahalli, equipped with power backup, internet connection with Wi-Fi facility, which can accommodate 25 students at a time. Moreover, separate lab is constructed, which is fitted with high speed internet and personal computer, helping students and professionals, to learn in our labs. 

Course timing:

This centre conducts two batches.
First batch timing is 12pm to 1.30pm
Second batch timing is 2pm to 3.30pm 
These batches run only on weekend

New courses:

Apart from the courses, which we run at our old branch, we have introduced, with new SEO and SMM courses at Marathahalli branch. At our centre, we have introduced new courses as below: 

Pay Per Click (Google Ad word) provides best result ever for any type of brand or companies, which make it worthwhile due to following reasons: 
  • Cost effective solution, means you can set your budget to control cost incurred on the same
  • Can reach target consumer at right time with the right ad. 
  • PPC provide results quickly and efficiently.
  • Our team will help you understand how PPC (Google Ad word) work and how you can target your customer through the same.

Digital marketing: With advance in technology, each and every business is getting globalizing them, to spread awareness about their product and services across the globe. In such situation it is necessary to learn about the digital marketing. Our course will include: 
  • Learn technique for digital marketing and its success
  • How to plan and implement comprehensive digital marketing campaigns 
  • How to analyse, track, test and measure the digital marketing success
  • How to maximize your Return on Investment
  • How to evaluate the success of Digital Marketing 
  • Practical approach for digital marketing 

Make money blogging: With increase in inflation across the globe – education, entertainment, groceries, etc are getting costlier, so every person look for a side income which help them to withstand such inflation around. The easiest and cost effective way is to earn through blogging but for that you will need to learn how to blog, how to get good content. If you are looking for that then connect with us, we are providing comprehensive study plan which includes: 
  • How to produce valuable content 
  • How to target audience 
  • How to build relationships with your audience 
  • How to grow your platform of blogging 
  • How to remain best blogger among others 

Who can join? 
  • 12th standard and above 
  • No Programming knowledge in required 
  • Professionals are also welcome 

Placement and Job Assistant:

We understand your concern for opting for job, students are looking for new job and professional wants to enhance their knowledge, to get promotion in their current job or get good jump in another job. At SEO Training Point, we look for all these, and provide our students or professionals based on their performance, chance for placement in good company.

Preferable location near to Marathahalli

The area which we have chosen Marathahalli is well acquainted and connected with many buses. So those who are coming from Whitefield, K R puram,  Varturkodi, ITPL, Ssidhapura(siddapura), Kundalahalli, HAL, Hoodi, Bellandur, 
Kadubeesanahalli, Munnekollal, Yemlur, and HSR layout can come Marathahalli centre. 

Conatc Address

M/s. Hari Technologies No # 3, V R K H Building Vivekananda Layout Opposite to Home town Beside Biriyani Zone Bangalore - 560 037, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037

Cell no- 9880276697