Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Rare opportunity. SEO training plus live project plus monthly stipend and certificate from London

SEO training with Monthly Stipend and More – A Win-Win Situation for all!


SEO Training Point is an institute that has been providing comprehensive job-oriented training in Search Engine Optimization to help students build a career in SEO. We have now come up with an exclusive training course that can help you gain some relevant work-experience simultaneously. This not only gives you the required industry knowledge it also helps you earn a monthly stipend even before you actually get a job. We are sure you will have no problems with your placements once you finish this course. In fact the confidence boost that you will get from this course will help you adjust to your workplace atmosphere very easily and also quickly.

How it works:

Once you register for the SEO training course, you will be assigned to a live project on which you will work along with your theory class. We will give you all the instructions and guidelines you may need to work on your live SEO project. You will be paid a monthly stipend from our client whose live project you will be working on. In the meanwhile the website that you work on will get optimized leading to an increase in the traffic. Apart from the live experience and placement assistance that you get from us, you also get a chance to meet with the CEO of our client company, who will give you some important tips and a deep insight into the industry.

How our students can benefit from this SEO training course:

  • You get to learn all aspects of Search Engine optimization as well as social media
  • The live project will give you a chance to understand the right techniques that will help in optimizing a website in order to improve its ranking on the Search Engine result pages
  • You get a monthly stipend of 1500 rupees which will keep you motivated to do better in your live project
  • While you will be awarded with a certificate for the training course from our training institute in Bangalore, you will also get a work experience certificate from our client in London. UK work experience is sure to make your resume impressive and your career bright
  • Your meeting with the CEO of our client will help you understand the industry in a better way and gain some tips that will help you go a long way towards your professional success
  • We give you 100% placement assistance and ensure you land up with a wonderful job once you complete your course

Training Details:

  • The course involves 50 hours of training in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing 
  • It also involves a live project for which you get a monthly stipend of 1500 rupees from our client
  • You need to work 2 hrs a day Monday to Friday. Sat and Sun class 
  • At the end of the course you will get a certificate from SEO training point, Bangalore that certifies you as a SEO professional
  • Our client will award you with a work experience certificate from London
  • We provide placement assistance to all our students to ensure you get placed once complete course
  • The fee for the training will be Rs.25,000 only

Limited seat only. We have just 10 seat. 

Call  Manish at 9880276697.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

SEO EXECUTIVE FRESHERS. Bangalore location

Here is original message form the client 



Hope you are doing well !

We are an mobile app development company and we develop Android and iOS apps. We are currently looking for smart, young and
Passionate SEO Executives - Freshers to join our team. Below i mentioned details, please go through once.

We are conducting walkin tomorrow for SEO EXECUTIVE FRESHERS. If some candidates interested for this job, then please tell them to
come tomorrow 10.30. 

For more information you can call me - 9035076949.

WALK IN Interviews for SEO Executives - Freshers
Qualification - BSC, BCA
Interview Date - 30th Oct 15
Interview Time - 10.30 - 1
Interview Venue -
#415, 3rd Floor, OUTTHINKING.PVT.LTD.

Job Description : -
Good written communication skills.
Internet Fluency must know how to surf the Internet; conduct online research.
Basic understanding of what search engines are.
Fluency in Microsoft Word and Excel.

Vacancy - 3No.
CTC - 10 TO 12K



Friday, 23 October 2015

Digital Marketing training

Online marketing is now increasingly in demand and in trend, every small-scale business owners and large scale business men want to market their business online. While the traditional ways of marketing is being followed by many till date, digital marketing is more affordable and delivers good results compared to the traditional online marketing. So marketing managers now have to keep themselves updated and get to know digital/online marketing in detail to deliver better results to their clients.

With internet now available in almost all households in India with the advent of internet, smart phones and faster connectivity; online marketing has gained more viewers who can eventually be your loyal customers. Hence mastering online marketing takes specialized and trained minds who are able to familiarize you with the marketing techniques and tools thereby building your brand image, giving you brand recognition and giving you a high return on investment.

Online marketing course for marketing managers

There are different training institutes that offer training on online marketing courses. It is vital that you find the best institute containing professional teachers and trainers who will give you proper guidance on various aspects of online marketing starting from scratch. Online marketing has evolved from what it was before and keeps on updating depending on the various technological changes hence guidance from someone who has had hands on experience about online/digital marketing will give you a proper training on marketing.

As a marketing manager, you will have to learn on how to motivate, engage and interact the customer or a regular browser with your client’s business online, for which you need to learn about SEO, social media management, email marketing, lead generation, keyword insertion, Google analytic, Google Ad words training (PPC- Pay Per Click), affiliate marketing, blog, viral marketing, digital asset marketing, e-book etc. Mastering these techniques in the online world will give you leverage above all other marketing managers.

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization forms the pivot or backbone of online marketing, by implementing SEO techniques online you can help your business rank first, promote reputation for brand etc.  As a marketing manager, you will have to learn on how to make the website SEO friendly, use of keywords, lead generation, interacting and engaging with customers/browsers, developing content, online campaigns etc.
  • SMO or Social Media Optimization is the most novel and innovative marketing approach adopted by marketing personnel. Familiarizing yourself with the social media tools and platforms, building an online network and communicating with customers through face book, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. has transformed the online communication process. You will need to have profound knowledge in creating Google profiles, managing social media accounts and marketing.
  • Email marketing is the most effective type of communication online, where you can interact with your customers directly with the help of email. Any promotions, offers, discounts, product introduction, even simple greetings can be easily communicated through emails. It is more focused, measurable, customized, affordable, more value for money spent and offers high return on investment etc. At SEO training point, we teach you on how to communicate and increase customer’s loyalty, retain old customers, get more referrals, benefits and revenue from customers.
  • Google Ad words training PPC (Pay Per Click) is a paid online marketing tool, where you generate leads for your business hence return on investment must be higher for PPC, you ad must be specific and targeted, else it will not give you any profit. At SEO Training Point, we teach you on how to create ads, bid, write effective copy and launch a campaign
  • Affiliate marketing is developing a mutual relationship with the publisher, advertiser and customer and runs on the technology called cookies that store the information of the user for future references. To get the right results, affiliate marketing has to be targeted and structured in the right manner and you will learn that at SEO training point along with generating quality leads for business
  • Blog is another online platform where you can extensively utilize your business presence, used mainly for communication, promotion and collaboration. Blog also helps you in ranking first in search engines, increasing traffic to your website, facilitate business growth, create awareness, increase exposure and build a healthier relationship with customer.
  • Viral marketing helps people talk about your products and services, writing reviews on your products and services will gain you more customers as word of mouth is still the strongest form of advertising even in the online world.
  • Digital asset marketing is where images and videos are used vividly across all platforms and then marketed to gain the desired attention and demand from consumers, who are then redirected to your website.
  • E-books are the greatest source of information where you can write in details about your company, assets, products, promotions, deals and what not thereby creating n awareness about your brand and business.
  • Content marketing is where you fill your website with not just useful information but tweak it in such a way that it creates traffic to your website and is picked up by search engines while a customer browses for information.

These are only a few of the topics that we cover at SEO Training Point, we have a whole lot more like display ad, banner exchange, SMM, webinar, revenue sharing, infographic, PTC, forum, press release, e-newsletter, landing page, squeeze page, micro site, e-commerce, D-commerce, responsive, mobile ad, file sharing, group buying sites, static, dynamic, micro site, white label site, e-pub, local directories etc.

SEO Training Point also teaches different kinds of writing like content creation, curation, writing, press releases, blogs, articles, banner, case studies, newsletter, charts, landing page, presentation, e-book, product demo, data sheet, web content, social media content etc. 

Joining our digital marketing training will provide a complete 360 degree view on internet marketing. The course fee will come up to INR 40,000 where you will be taught explicitly about the basics and its extended use in the corporate world for 90 hours course time including case studies, market plan and more.

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

SEO training for content writer

Content writers and their needs to learn SEO

Are you a writer? Do you have a flair for writing? Then you can consider writing to be a career path ahead. Writers are now in huge demand regardless of your age or educational qualification. Writers have the biggest advantage of proximity and accessibility along with flexible working hours. They can write from anywhere at any time, when the mood and demand arises along with access to internet if needed. Considering writing as a full time or part time job is a great way to earn money nowadays, considering the easy money and the demand for content from clients who wish to fill in their website, write blogs, articles and the like.

SEO and writers gel well

So if you are content writer, how do you get clients? Do you search for them over the internet? It would be very accurate and professional if they came to you for getting their job done. SEO is rightly now the latest online marketing technique adopted by many small scale and large scale entrepreneurs to gain more traffic to their website and ranking first on search engines. SEO needs the right mix of help from expert and professional writers who can help formulate content into the website in a way that it ranks number one along with the relevant keywords incorporated into it. With efficient content writing skills only can SEO be made to full use, hence now you know how important a writer is and how equal a part they have to play in SEO. The job is much easier if you are an English graduate or a mass communication person, wherein you are involved with communicating and interacting and familiar with the use of words and the vocabulary.

SEO Training Point helps train you on SEO

At SEO Training Point, we offer courses that will help gain more expertise, knowledge and exposure on the various aspects of SEO and how as a content writer, it can be implemented alongside for successful online/digital marketing. While poorly written content will fail to deliver the desired results, you need to have a grasp of the English language and be well versed in its use to execute the marketing. That is what we at SEO training point will help you for, once SEO and content marketing is incorporated together, your career will take a definite twist. We help you train the various aspects of SEO, its techniques and tools and how to incorporate the content writing, use keywords etc. and market your client’s business online.

The classes are conducted by expert teachers and trainers who have had hands-on experience in the field and are able to advise and give the relevant direction to students. They do not stick to just classroom education, but also provide practical exposure and training related to the profession, so that they know what they will be dealing with in the real world.

The course at SEO Training point costs INR 15,000 and mass communication students or those who have relevant experience as a content writer can only join this 50 hour course. If you want us to help you with placement, you will have to pay an additional INR 5,000 along with the course fees.The course will include, practical writing, training on content writing and marketing, writing for websites, use of keywords, social media writing, aspects of SEO and its various techniques and tools. If you want more clarity on the same you may join the demo class which will discuss briefly the course, its contents, prospects and your job profile.

Friday, 9 October 2015

SEO training for students (graduates and post-graduates)

How SEO is beneficial for students?

Are you an engineering or BA, B.Com, B.Sc. graduate? Are you on the lookout for a promising career ahead of you after your studies? Then you might want to consider SEO training, it is currently the fastest and growing industry which gathers a lot of attention and demand from entrepreneurs and business men who would like to expand their business and take it to the next level. SEO Training Point offers the best SEO training and is currently the experts and professionals in the industry.

Why SEO gain more exposure in India?

It is in India that many call centres, freelancing and outsourcing is performed; we have the resources and the brains hence most of the work abroad is outsourced to India. Now being a country that used internet to a great extent and penetrated almost every house in the country with the advent of smart phones, internet connectivity and mobile operators/companies. Hence, the students are more exposed to the world of SEO and online marketing and also consider it an option for a successful career path. If you are interested in the field of digital/online marketing, mastering this profession will help you reach great heights. To master the techniques of SEO and marketing, you do not require any special qualification; a college graduation is more than adequate also the course fees and expenses are much cheaper. All you need to do is find a good SEO training centre and become an expert in it and start earning for a living.

Why pay for SEO, when it is available on the internet?

You might think that everything is readily available on the internet for you to read and understand and there is no reason as to why you should pay a lot of money and learn the same from an institute. But to gain, genuine, authentic and updated information you require the help of experts who has had hands-on experience in the industry. They will be the perfect people to teach you and guide you on the ups and downs of the industry related problems and the like. The internet, its features and algorithms are changing day by day and to teach the same to the students require expert help and the internet will not be of any help during that time. Hence, you need to rely on an SEO training institute which will provide you with all the information you need to know on SEO from scratch.

SEO training – Benefits

SEO training teaches you everything and anything on the various aspects of SEO, the latest techniques, tools, tips and tricks which is vital to familiarize if you are to be an SEO executive or analyst. At SEO Training Point, we train you on the following:

  • SEO techniques
  • SEO strategy
  • Preparing an SEO documentation
  • Creating an SEO report
  • SEO Return On Investment and more

It is not enough that you learn only about SEO, but you will also have to master other online marketing strategies as well so you can rightly implement them and gain results for your client. Hence you have to learn internet marketing, website and content development, business goal, customer engagement, purpose of SEO, social media management and marketing etc.

Anyone and everyone from fresher’s, job seekers, students can join the training at SEO Training Point and become an SEO expert. SEO Training Point offers comprehensive solutions for SEO professionals who wish to seek an aspiring career in online/digital marketing. The courses are in keeping with the latest and future trends keeping in mind the achievements and the hurdles the students will have to encounter in the industry and providing the necessary training for the same.

SEO course covers the following:

  • Understanding internet marketing and search engine 
  • Creating websites that increase traffic 
  • Customer engagement
  • Creating content 
  • Choosing the right keyword
  • On-page and off-page optimization
  • Web analytic
  • Webmaster tool
  • Image and video optimization
  • Social media marketing 

While initial remuneration for an SEO analyst may range from 10K to 15K, with prior experience and knowledge, you may end up earning up to 50K and you have the liberty to work as a freelancer or a consultant, full time or part time. The beauty of the job is you can sit anywhere in the world and work for your clients as internet is available all around the world. You need not go to the same old office, you can either sit at home, a café, a park or anywhere you please and get the job done.

SEO gives tremendous opportunities job opportunities if you are a fresher, home maker even a small scale business owner to make a thriving and successful career as SEO trainee, SEO analyst, SEO specialist, SEO lead, SEO manager, web design analyst, internet marketing head, PPC analyst or manager, social media executive etc.

SEO Training point offers specialized courses on SEO if you wish to pursue it as a career or a freelance job or as a full time business. Our course fee is only INR 15,000 for 40 hours, where we train you the aspects of SEO, resume writing, placement assistance etc. If you are not happy with your job, then why not try something new and different and follow your heart. Be a blogger, a freelancer, work from home, anything is possible with SEO.

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Friday, 2 October 2015

SEO training for carpet and rug industry

Why is SEO needed for Carpet industry?

Carpet industry is relatively very old and traditional industry, carpets and rugs are now fading away from the market. They have never received the kind of recognition they always wanted and was quite ignorant about branding and marketing. But things have changed and designers for homes and shops are looking at new ways to utilize carpets and furnish them in new and innovative ways whereby its production and demand has also sky rocketed domestically as well as internationally. If you are an entrepreneur dealing with the carpet and rug industry, and find that your business is naturally lagging behind and need a little encouragement or boost, then an online presence with tactical marketing techniques is what you require.

Carpet entrepreneurs are small-scale industry business people, who may not have a huge investment for traditional marketing methods like advertising on newspaper, television, magazine etc. While it is useful, it may be costly and not affordable that is when you can rely on online marketing where the cost is moderate and you will get instant results and profits. 

Having an online presence is what is important; once you have a website or an online portal then all you need is to implement the SEO tactics and techniques into the website and stand aside to see the magic work through customer traffic, leads and more business. With Search Engine Optimization, a regular visitor to your website can become a potential customer.

SEO’s role in promoting business

SEO is a comprehensive and constructive tool that is the most effective and beneficial for online marketing till date. The power vested in SEO is such that, your business will reap benefits up to ten fold. Being number one when someone searches for carpets on the search engine will give you first priority and thus increasing your business exposure online and giving you brand reputation and recognition.

With SEO, visitors to your website will increase and your brand will have more eyes and ears on them than you can imagine. Gaining more visitors means a probability of getting at least one loyal customer amidst the five or ten visitors to your website. This technique is more beneficial as you simply have to be at home or in your office and do online marketing implementing SEO techniques into your website and get profit the online way.

SEO is not a tough to learn, you may easily achieve it with the help of specialized training centres like SEO training point in Bangalore, one of the leading training institutes in India. Where under the guidance of professionals who has had relevant experience in the industry, can help you to easily master this technique. At SEO Training Point, the entrepreneurs are provided training specific to their industry so that they can overcome the hurdles they face in the market. Without the help of an external agency, you can easily workout the techniques of SEO into your website and gain the necessary exposure your business needs.

What you learn at SEO Training Point?

An exclusive and specialized training at SEO training point covers the following:

  • How to rank your website number one locally and globally
  • Content marketing for your website
  • Aspects and basics on SEO
  • Social media management
  • Google analytic
  • Lead generation
  • Link building
  • Online reputation management
  • 10 tools that give you business updates
  • 100 tips and techniques on online business marketing

The 50-hour course on SEO also includes case study, competitor analysis, market research, planning and strategy costing up to INR 25,000. Online marketing will be beneficial to you at all costs and make your business more lively and energetic like never before.

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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

SEO training for Chef

Why Chefs need SEO training?

Chefs are creative people, whose lives revolve around food, wondering what SEO has to do with Chefs. If you are a chef who owns a restaurant then, it is most likely that you will need to promote your business online with the help of a website or at least a blog. Even if you do not own a restaurant, you can make your culinary skills and recipes world famous, increase traffic and gain more viewers to your website or blog with the help of SEO.

While chefs will not be interested in doing marketing strategies and techniques, rather they will try to focus on their dish improvising and making it delectable to the customers. But with your expertise in online marketing combined with your culinary skills can bring together amazing results which you cannot fathom. Online marketing is not rocket science and is simply a cake walk, it is a pretty simple technique which you can do it yourself, without seeking the help of an external agency or a third party.

Why chefs need to be present online?

People who enjoy food, mostly go online to first check the reviews, its presentation, the ingredients used as well as the nearby restaurants where the dish is served.  Hence now you know how important your presence is on the internet; if you want more eyes on your website or blog then these SEO techniques and tricks will help you convert these eyes to potential customers in the future.

A professional training at SEO Training Point is your answer, if your business is not reaching the right people and not gaining you enough profit. If you are an aspiring, novice, amateur or even a professional chef, then SEO training is what you need to lay the foundation for fruitful years ahead.

SEO training for Chefs to boost their brand name and image

If you have been invisible all your lives then its time you make a wow presence on the World Wide Web, with simply a website or a blog. Once you have made your presence, then it’s time to get the recognition and appreciation you deserve with the help of SEO implemented to your online portal. While planting your own marketing tips and techniques can be difficult, a little guidance and advice from experts you has had relevant experience form the industry can help you incorporate the marketing strategy in the right proportion and earn you results.

With proper SEO training, branding, networking, link building, customer interaction, showcasing and engaging with your audience all around the world becomes possible from where you sit. SEO Training point offers industry specific and exclusive training to chefs to overcome the challenges and hurdles they usually face in their market. Being a leading SEO training institute in India, chefs at various levels have been trained to educate them on the importance of online marketing and how people can benefit from it.

SEO Training at SEO Training point covers

  • Effectively targeting audience across online channels
  • Promoting traffic through organic searches
  • Website optimization and link building
  • On-page and off-page SEO optimization
  • Brand promotion with effective content marketing
  • Video optimization
  • Blogging and lead building
  • Social media management; Facebook, twitter, you tube, Pinterest etc.
  • Affiliate and email marketing
  • Creating landing pages

Students will also be given practical exposure on SEO training, once they have mastered it including case studies, competitor analysis, market plan etc. The course takes 50 hours altogether and costs INR 25,000 hence mastering SEO will not be a waste of time as it helps in brand promotion and you will also be given a demonstration initially by which you can come to a conclusion as to choose the training or not.

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SEO training for Event management companies

How SEO will benefit Event Management companies?

In this new era, where doing things ourselves has faded and all that burden  has moved on to event management companies, who willingly take up the functioning, organizing and managing of events like birthdays, weddings, parties, shows, receptions, anniversaries etc. Several event management companies are propping up like mushrooms in the city offering various types of services for people making their life easier and comfortable. If you are an event management company and want the attention of more customers and build your clientele, then it is not vital that you company has a website alone but it must also be SEO treated so that your company gains maximum eyeballs in the World Wide Web.

Why Event Managers need SEO?

Regular and loyal clients are the success for any event management company, while you may be blessed with old clients finding new ones are equally important considering the fact that everyone is now on the internet to get every tiny detail and information. Being an entrepreneur it is important that you explore and investigate all kinds of venue that are open to you, to take your business to the next level. If you are a budding event manager or a novice in the industry, getting established in the initial years can be difficult, that is when SEO comes in handy for your websites. Having a recognized website is equally beneficial as having a brand name. While brand recognition can be achieved through old advertising methods, it will be expensive on the other hand online marketing gives better results and is more cheap and affordable.
Applying SEO techniques and tools to your website will help rank your website as number one while anyone search for event companies in your locality or city thus giving you first preference to give the customer what they want. If the customer finds what he wants from your website, you just earned a potential customer who was initially a random visitor.

SEO training includes

At SEO Training Point, we teach event management entrepreneurs everything and anything they need to know on SEO, so they can handle their websites without the help of a third person. Here is what we cover and the topics included:

  • Local SEO
  • Video and image optimization
  • Geo targeted keywords
  • Facebook marketing mix
  • Twitter follower
  • Blogging
  • Google profile
  • You tube and social media management

Mastering yourself in these fields will help you target the right audience by adopting the correct online marketing techniques and exposing yourself to a whole new level on the internet. At SEO Training Point, we provide training and classes on how to implement strategic SEO techniques so as to overcome the hurdles in the industry. The classes are taken by professionals, who are experts in the field and hence you can be sure that you have come to the right place to educate yourself on SEO.

This 50 hour course costing INR 25,000 covers training classes, case study, market analysis and research, competitor study etc thus helping to expand your business considering the customer requirements, allowing customers to find you easily on the internet, building brand positioning and imaging by engaging and interacting with customers and more over a powerful and cheap branding tool for your business.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

SEO Training for MLM leader

MLM or Multi-Level Marketing is a unique and innovative business concept wherein a network of connections is build up from an agent’s source. A percentage of the profit is shared for the sales generated by the leader as well as other people in his network. MLM is a kind of direct selling where they sell the products to the consumer by means of direct marketing or word of mouth. 
This business opportunity does not require much capital investment and anyone can join the MLM sales force. But with a lot of competition for MLM, MLM leaders find it difficult to cope and sustain in the market. They have to continuously keep on expanding one’s network that is where the success and the difficulty lie.

How online marketing can help MLM leader?

The leader has to be smart enough to think ahead and make a platform online and perform his marketing techniques to expand his network. With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online marketing, MLM leaders can get a good number of leads which are of good quality. By building a brand image and a reputation for yourself, you can motivate a lot of people to join your network and be engaged in multi-level marketing.

As a successful MLM leader, you should have these key qualities; lead generation, convincing abilities, guiding abilities, leadership qualities, networking knowledge, nurturing relationship, good fan following, entrepreneurship skills etc. Having these qualities will help motivate and encourage more people to join the network.
Your presence as an MLM leader in the online world helps will help you generate more leads and reach out to more people as well as other MLM leaders in the industry. This way you can exchange more information and ideas and educate and teach others to join the network and follow the leader. Online platform allows you to narrow down your target audience and help build a good relationship with them thus widening your network.

The potential of SEO for MLM

Online tools and techniques help market your name and brand you as an MLM leader at affordable rates offering the best of results and increasing your reputation. With vigorous use of advertising, promotion and awareness on social media, you will get a good number of fan following as well as build a community on MLM. SEO can be beneficial for MLM leader in the following ways; increase customer traffic, improve results on search engine, image building, more leads through PPC, more geo-target visitors through PTC, social media management, online community building, awareness, self-promotion, content marketing, email marketing etc.

SEO Training at SEO Training Point for MLM leaders

At SEO Training Point, we make sure that MLM leaders are well trained and made good advisors with the help of experts in the panel of coaching at SEO training point. The exclusive courses are designed specially to overcome the challenges in the industry and help leaders to handle the situations better with our training. The courses covered at SEO training point are; MLM marketing funnel, MLM website UX, keyword search, Google tools, different types of content marketing, online reputation management, Google profile, Facebook marketing, creating landing pages, email marketing, twitter tricks for free followers, LinkedIn page optimization, on-page & off-page optimization, video optimization etc.

The 50 hour long course costs INR 25,000 where all these topics will be covered along with market study, research and analysis, competitor research, case study etc. Once you have mastered these online tips and techniques, you will soon be able to master the online world and be a successful MLM leader. Adopting your own techniques and those which you feel will reap huge benefits can be incorporated into the website to gain more potential customers.

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Saturday, 26 September 2015

SEO training for trainer

People these days often seek guidance and advice from trainers and instructors on how to live their lives, seek a career, the kind of job to employ the person to marry and what not. But many a times, they find it hard to get clients because of the lack of exposure and awareness of their business in the online portal. Being available online, will let the customers know about the services provided by professional trainers.

Many parents and students often encounter problems in schools and in their lives respectively.  While there are many trainers available out there, seeking the best trainer to deal with our issue can be a challenge.  If you are an experienced and professional trainer offering good services and are in search of patients to heal then all you need is an online portal or a website, and SEO and online marketing makes the job easier for you.

Why is SEO preferred for trainers?

SEO is a preferred online marketing tool these days for trainers, as they are more affordable than any conventional marketing means producing effective results and also SEO helps target the right kind of audience helping to convert them into potential customers lately. Having an online presence if you are running a professional service as trainer is vital, then by implementing both SEO and content marketing techniques into the website will help you gain more traffic.

SEO and Content Marketing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps improve your business in search results by ranking number one in search engines and increasing customer traffic through organic search. SEO helps improve your brand and build the image of your business.

Content marketing is crucial for any website, content needs to be market oriented and written in a way so that the search engines easily pick up your website and put it in the fore front. Content in the website, blog, social media, guest’s posts, images and video needs to executed in a way that the search engines easily pick it up while conducting a search. For that, SEO techniques and content marketing needs to be executed into the website to deliver effective results.

Who can attend this SEO training?

The SEO training can be attended by yoga trainers, student trainers, dance teachers, dog trainers and almost trainers in all industries. Trainers need to be well educated in SEO and online marketing so that they may adopt various methods and techniques to boost their website and improve its performance. With proper training from SEO Training Point, trainers can now promote their brand and offer tips and suggestions to the candidates.

Any questions related to SEO will be rightfully answered by our experts and professionals who have prior knowledge in the field and will offer the guidance to overcome the hurdles in the online portal for trainers and instructors.
The 50 hours course offers INR 25,000 for the SEO training and covers topics like market study, competitor analysis, case studies and more details on aspects of SEO and its tools and techniques. 

Friday, 25 September 2015

SEO training for training institutes

Why SEO training for training institutes is must

Training centres are on the rise now and multiplying at an alarming rate. While we ask our friends and relatives on the best training centre available to pursue better career prospects. Most often what happens is you might miss out on the best training centres and just follow the one which your predecessors went. Well, this is the 20th century and with internet now everything has become very easy even finding the details of a training centre online.

So how does SEO help you to be on Google?

If you are a training centre, you need to be present online which is the first step to initiate either a website or a blog which provides ample information about your courses, fees, teachers, syllabus etc. Now just being online will not help, you need to be present to the viewer who is searching for training centres in Google. Making a grand appearance right in the front and first on the list makes you even more successful and increases your exposure to tenfold. Now, SEO helps in making this dream a reality, applying certain SEO tools and techniques for online marketing helps your website to be on top in the result page while making a search in Google thus increasing your customer traffic.

SEO is an effective, smart and affordable way to popularize your business. With SEO you can make the prospective candidates about the courses offered at your training institute, thus creating a general awareness on the same to a lot of eyes on the internet.

What is involved in SEO training?

SEO training educates us about the online marketing tools and techniques and the various tactical methods in which it can be applied to our business to target the right people and reap maximum benefits from them. At SEO Training Point, we teach all the aspects of SEO so it can be implemented wisely into the website. Our teachers at SEO Training Point are experts in the field, who will provide professional services and train you in the right way helping you face the everyday challenges.

With a plethora of training centres now open to students, the competition is not easy to get students into your institute. With this SEO training, more than you finding the students it will be the students contacting you for training details thereby reducing your market challenges. We make you knowledgeable about SEO, image building, link building, content development, social media management, how to manage blogs, how to increase customer traffic, how to engage visitors to your website and the like.

SEO Training Point course details

The course fee is INR 25,000 and covers market plan and research, competitor analysis, case study etc. giving the training centres a detailed knowledge on Search Engine Optimization. The course is an exhaustive 50 hours class covered by professional teachers who have relevant experience in the field and will be able to administer to you the challenges in the field and how to overcome them for a successful business venture ahead.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

SEO training for healthcare companies

SEO training for healthcare companies

Healthcare companies in India are striving to gain the status of international healthcare systems giving a face lift to its present scenario and attract more international customers by providing them affordable and modern treatment. The need to transform the Indian healthcare system arose due to government policies and reforms, improvement in infrastructure, digital evolution and more. This created a stir among healthcare providers to adopt new and refined methods of treatment and improve the condition of the healthcare system in the country.

How SEO can help healthcare companies?

Internet has created a big boom and the number of users varies from millions to billions. With ease of access and reduced tariffs the number of people sitting on the World Wide Web is proliferating at an alarming rate. The trend today is to search or browse the search engines for any small bit of information.
With so many visitors available on the internet, healthcare providers now find it easy to simple upload all the information on doctors, hospitals, specialization, medicines, remedies, treatment etc. thereby making it easier for anyone around the world to gather the information and make the relevant move. By adopting various marketing tools and techniques, mainly SEO healthcare companies can reach a new level of interaction and communication with the visitors and convert them to potential customers.

SEO training covers the following topics:
  • Keyword analysis
  • Google webmaster, trends and analytic
  • Content and website development
  • Local SEO
  • On-page/ Off-page optimization
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social media management
By adopting these techniques and tools and incorporating it into the related website helps achieve better results and more business. By adopting these SEO techniques, healthcare companies can market online to a specific target group and promote the services according to the needs of the user.

Healthcare providers need SEO training

By opting for link building, keyword analysis and strategic content the healthcare providers can get a rough idea about the services that the customers are looking for and those that are in demand and promote them wisely. SEO is a tactical and strategic marketing technique whereby you can alter your business methods accordingly and improve your business.

Healthcare providers can identify the market segment and alter the sections and pages in the website accordingly so that visitors will be glued to the page and stay for a longer time looking around for more information. This will give a boost to your website and eventually your business. 

Only by knowing more on SEO and its techniques will you be able to gain this leverage, hence join the SEO training at SEO Training Point and make wonders to your website on your own or with the help of a third party. The advantage here is you can supervise the marketing team who works on your website and keep a relevant eye on the methods adopted by them and ask them to alter it accordingly.

The 50 hours SEO training costing INR 25,000 covers market study, competitor analysis, extensive training etc taken by professionals in the field who are well aware of the challenges and advantages in the field of healthcare.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

International Product Executive (Ecommerce Sales & Marketing)


We need 15 SEO executives freshers, Bangalore

Here is the original message form our client 


Dear Manish,

As discussed, please find the JD below, if you have interested candidates, please line up interview from tomorrow and confirm the schedules.

Designation: International Product Executive (Ecommerce Sales & Marketing)

Qualification : SEO fresher

Location : Bangalore

Working days : 6

Job Description

Responsible for marketing the business online and acquire prospects. Need to nurture the prospects and work towards closure.

Working closely with the Online marketing manager, this role provides a great opportunity for a dynamic, highly motivated, enthusiastic and ambitious professional to help develop an already popular business product within the framework of a successful financial company.

Desired Candidate Profile

  1. Someone who knows how internet works and with keen interest in Digital Marketing space.
  2. Education: Graduation
  3. Should have very good convincing and selling skills.
  4. Should have Excellent English communication skills.
  5. Should be very confident and presentable.
  6. Fresher welcome.
  7. Self-driven & ability to take ownership.
  8. Energy levels should be high.

Benefits of Paramount Employee

  1. Daily snacks
  2. Movie on First Wednesday (monthly)
  3. Second Saturday party, outing (monthly)

After 6 months:

  1. Employee referral program 1000 *after completion and confirmation 6 months
  2. 3 days work from home.
  3. Train fair 1000 Rps once in a year after confirmation
  4. Life insurance
  5. General annual health check up
  6. International vacation  Holidays
  7. PF and ESI
  8. Loyalty bonus 50,000/- after 18 months.
Salary: 10,000 to 20,000 depending upon the candidate profile 

Pls send your resume to

Monday, 21 September 2015

SEO training for doctors

Doctors and SEO training

Doctors and medical experts now not only work for a hospital or other medical institutions but they also practice on their own at homes or clinics. Hence, they care more about self-promotion and branding; the name must be enough to get the patients to the concerned doctors. With increased competition and lot of doctors arising out of need, the want to create a special tag or brand for the doctors has become an important factor.

Specialist doctors who work in realm like dentistry, and cosmetics often need the help of internet to get the message across to the public and clients. It is likely that those who wish to have these treatments will necessarily do a background check on the doctors, their profile, treatments, rates and shortlist the best ones based on their successful history. Also medical tourism is gaining increased popularity and attraction these days and has become a booming industry in India. Patients from abroad seeking treatment is currently on the rise and their means of checking on the doctor is through online; seeking medical advice as well as booking an appointment can also be done online to reduce the time wastage after reaching India.

Henceforth, the doctors have to be present online, only by which these methods could actively start processing. They will also have to vigorously respond to the messages while a patient comes to them with a problem seeking advice hence doctors need to have an online portal and a strong online marketing that is booming and active with information and related facts most needed for the patients.

Why SEO?

SEO is the comprehensive tool which will help achieve these factors, and gain good footfall to your website helping them rank first while searching on search engines. SEO helps to manage your brand, marketing, networking, online reputation, research & analysis, promotion, entrepreneurship and connecting with the right target audience.

SEO training for doctors at SEO Training Point

At SEO Training Point, we offer exclusive and customized SEO training for doctors and medical experts alone on how to market their business online and reap benefits from them; our classes are held by professional in the industry who will help focus on the importance of internet in today’s world, its advantages and reaching out to a large database as well as getting featured upfront upon search.

 Listed below are various techniques that we teach you at SEO Training Point on how to incorporate SEO into your website along with your services; History and basics of SEO, internet marketing techniques, website optimization and on page SEO, link building, online reputation management, content marketing, blogging, SEO content, video optimization, email marketing, improving search engine ranking, social media marketing etc.

The course fee offered at SEO Training Point is INR 25,000 for 50 hours, which covers case study, market research and plan, competitor analysis, talks and workshops. After the training, you will be able to handle your website like a professional and gain more traffic from visitors, who will late convert into potential customers. You can make changes and modifications as you please to make your website as interesting and attractive as possible.


Sunday, 20 September 2015

SEO training for school and college

Why schools and colleges need SEO training?

While most of us think that SEO and business or commerce is connected, a relationship between SEO and education or academics is always ruled out, but it indeed has a strong connection. While schools are the basic institution which imparts knowledge and information in the initial years of a child’s life, they have also grown to be a highly business oriented industry nowadays. New courses and different modes of training has propped up with the demand among children for the same. 

While internet has exposed kids to a whole different world raising their level of understanding on education and career prospects thus making them aware of the different courses and training available. The schools and colleges have also realized the power of internet and how much time the students spend on them to do research and analysis on their future. Which is why schools and colleges update their curriculum, facilities, infrastructure, news, photos, training, seminars & talks etc. so that the internet is filled with information and all they have to do is reach to the right audience.

How can SEO help schools and colleges?

While there are umpteen numbers of educational institutions available in the market offering the same set of course or training, the key factor here is to attract more students towards your website while searching over the internet. How is this possible? With SEO you can simply insert a few techniques and tools into your website and this will help prop your school or college website in the first position while doing a search. Coming number one in search results can make all the difference in the world. Clicking on the first option gains a lot of pace and momentum than scrolling and browsing over pages to click the next.
Once they enter your website, it should be a whole different world; with SEO training this part can be easily achieved. List out all your achievements, advantages and information that any student will look for in an institution and badly wants from them. This will help keep the visitor glued to your website and go in search of more information, opening and reading through all the tabs. This is vital as the visitor will spend more time on the website, gather more information and may also convert himself into a potential customer. At SEO Training Point, we offer specialized and exclusive courses for schools and colleges on how to make the above said feature possible.

What SEO training covers?

How to build an informative and innovative website
Keyword research and analysis
How to target foreign students
How to rank first in Google
Local SEO
How to get more leads
Social media marketing

Once you master these basics, your school website will be one that will be looked after by all; our training is conducted by experts in the industry who will assure you that SEO training is the ultimate solution to a fast paced world of business. The course fee costs INR 25,000 and includes competitor analysis, market training, case study, expert talks etc for a total of 50 hours.
Now you know why SEO training is essential for your educational institution, making a mark on the World Wide Web can make all the difference, and at a place where you need to hunt for students with online marketing implemented, students will come to you to gain quality education.

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Saturday, 12 September 2015

SEO training for Interior Designers

Interior designers are now in demand with increased lifestyle changes and the commercial wish to make a house a dream home irrespective of the cost involved in it. While most often the customers choose a particular layout or design by visiting the designer shops and seeing the dummy design or browsing through magazines to select their preferred style or plan, people now also opt to see a custom made 3D design of their dream house, where changes and modifications can be made then and there itself with the help of the internet and the software used. This way you yourself can be the designer of your own house whit always technical and more professional help sought from the expert designers.

Almost all institutions like residential homes, offices, hotels, shops, malls, hospitals and the like have to hire an interior designer for the beautification, furnishing, renovation, re-modelling etc. of the same. Hence, they are always in demand and on the contrary very busy as well. With a lot of designers on the block, competition is at its peak now with a lot of options available in front of the customer and they are free to choose any depending on their wish. But to be in their list of options is the key to grab a handful of business. How is that possible? Is what you may be thinking. With the help of a website or an online portal and some SEO techniques incorporated into it, you will easily be noticeable in the wide list of designers in the city.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a marketing technique used to give your website the highest ranking among all other websites, it also helps the website to gain visibility and be right on top while the customer searches for the same in any search engine. Applying these techniques in a tactful manner can help gain more visitors to your website and tempting and attractive promotions and marketing within the website can convert your regular visitors into loyal and potential long term customers.

How SEO benefits Interior designers?

Learning or getting trained in the art of SEO can help interior designers to monitor the flow of traffic into their website and make them glued to it by posting creative, innovative and valid information that the visitor finds useful. Even if you are undertaking marketing on your own or relying on a third party, getting trained in SEO will be beneficial to your budding enterprise, helping you keep a close watch on the website engagement and optimization. SEO Training Point offers a complete knowledge on all aspects and functions involved in SEO specific to the industry of interior designing, some of which are listed below:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Building a customer engaging website
  • Learning on Google tools
  • Developing customer-oriented content
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social media marketing

This SEO training conducted by professionals and experts in the field will guide you to monitor and save your website from sinking to the bottom or getting lost among a pile of competitors. The 50 hours course which costs INR 25,000 will be extremely beneficial in every way, training you by providing live case study, market and industry watch, talks and seminars from experienced people in the industry helping you overcome the challenges towards a successful business ahead.

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Friday, 11 September 2015

SEO training for jewellery designer

Jewellery designers need to know SEO

Jewellery is said to be a girl’s best friend and asset, the demand for jewellery
has never receded or reduced. Be it in Gold, Silver, Platinum or anything fancy they are always collected and nurtured upon regardless of its sky rocketing prices. Jewellery entrepreneurs mostly rely on primitive advertising and marketing techniques to grab the attention of customers and most of them want to touch, feel and try on their jewellery before buying them from the store. While this is applicable for long time jewellery stores who has been in the market and gained the trust of individuals for their quality products offered; new and budding entrepreneurs who usually have a low investment plan might not go for a store and rather rely on the internet for an online portal to make their products available to the customers on the web.

Targeting the right group of audience is vital while marketing or promoting your jewellery designs. Jewellery designing involves a lot of investment on the part of the owner and it is for long term, hence establishing a good relationship with the customer helps your business in the long run. This can be done through branding, promotion, networking and creating awareness to the right set of target group. How is it possible? Through Search Engine Optimization or SEO, it helps your website to rank high, attracts the right set of audience with the content in the website, and creates a brand image that will give you long lasting reputation.

Why jewellery designers need SEO training?

With SEO you can easily convert a regular visitor to your website into a potential and loyal customer. Also, adding specific modifications and additions to your website can help it to appear number one while conducting an organic search. Hence learning SEO training helps jewellery designers and entrepreneurs to implement these techniques of SEO into your website and reap the benefits from the same.

What we teach you at SEO Training Point?

At SEO Training Point, we teach you all the basics and fundamentals of applying SEO technique to your website so that it helps the business owners generate more sales and thereby gain more customers that are loyal. You will be learning on the following; content development, on-page/off-page optimization, website UX, keyword selection, website analysis, competitive analysis, all of the Google tools, social media, jewellery blog, jewellery channel through YouTube mix and more.

Mastering these tools and techniques will help you have a thorough knowledge on how to boost your website and if you have hired an online agency then you can keep an eye on them and check if they are readily following these methods. The courses offered at SEO Training Point is exclusive to jewellery designers to help them master online marketing, the 50 hour course cost INR 25,000 only covering the various aspects on SEO, case study, market plan etc making them more confident and increase awareness in their business.  This will give them an advantage while struggling to make a mark among the big names or other competitors in the field.


Thursday, 10 September 2015

SEO training for hotel and resort

SEO training for Hotels and Resorts

Tourism is growing at a rapid pace and the number of tourists who visit our country is abundant which has led to an increased demand in the rise of luxury hotels and resorts. The success of hotels and resorts are a full inventory during seasonal and off season periods. Hoteliers do all sorts of marketing and promotion to get their inventory full including outdoor sales, online and offline advertising, public relations, online booking engines etc. While these methods are easily adopted and implemented by multinational hotels who have made their mark and are popular and renowned. For the unlucky some, who have just begun their venture in the hotel market, getting their name recognized and earning the trust of the customers can take months and even years. Under these circumstances, there is one easy way in which you can get people to notice you and encourage hotel room bookings. Are you thinking how? Read on as we tell you how.

While the traditional marketing ways can help you get a good reputation, it might not always end up in bringing sales to your hotel. For that, we need the help of the internet or the social media, an innovative marketing medium, which generate results at a much faster pace. The only trick here is, your business should reach number one while searching for information on hotels in the region. Any search engine will do this job easily if your website is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. 

How to make your website SEO friendly?

You website may have content, images and information but if they are used wisely applying some simple techniques; your website will gain maximum attention by any regular browser. Including promotions and packages in your website helps increase customer traffic and converts any visitor into a potential customer. All of this is possible, only if you have an insight about SEO. And we are not talking about you hiring a third party for online marketing, we are saying about you learning SEO and applying that knowledge into your website to gain maximum return on investment without spending it on other outside agencies.

At SEO Training Point, we train hotel entrepreneurs on various SEO courses to overcome that challenge faced with online marketing both at a basic and advanced level. We educate them on SEO, market trends, industry fluctuations, social media promotion and engagement, blogging, email marketing, auditing, crisis management, branding, image building, content writing, fixing bugs and errors, increasing visitors traffic, improving website quality, link building, video optimization, online reputation management, affiliate marketing etc.

We offers customized courses for hotel and resort entrepreneurs, with specific and realistic examples and case study related to their industry. Our trained professionals who take this 50 hour course are experts in the field and have prior knowledge about the challenges faced and the remedies and solutions to overcome it and emerge successful. You are at your own free will to take a demo course before enrolling to see if the training will be beneficial to you and your business. The course fee will come up to 25,000 INR that includes market plan, case study and training. So boost up your business and see it flourishing for yourself with a little help and training from SEO Training Point.