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Pursuing your career in SEO

Hello Bangalorean Wannabe SEO professional !

Are you Graduate (B. Sc. B. Com. B.A.) pondering about your Career. Are you baffled or confused what to do. Do you have financial constraint and not bale to pursue MBA and Engineering course. 

Do not worry. MBA and Engineering are not end of your world. There are other course too. SEO is one of the most demanding career options. Read further to know more about this exciting career.
SEO Training Point offers SEO training and placement assistance to wannabe Internet Marketing professionals. If you are wondering, why should you consider this as a career then read this:

E-commerce business in India and its future

n       e-commerce sale in India will reach $8.8 billion by 2016 (48,400 core Indian rupee)
n       At present 8 to 10 million people transact online
n       By the year of 2015, 39 million people will transact online
n       Report says small-town will play a big role in the online bonanza. More than 60 per cent of online shoppers would come from towns by the end of 2012

Future of SEO in India

n       The future of SEO in India looks bright
n       Most of the businesses are getting online because of the better visibility
n       SEO jobs outsourced to India
n       The Indian SEO professionals are selected because of knowledge and knowledge

Future of SEO companies in India

n       India is gaining reputation for providing quality services to its clients
n       Affordable rates
n       SEO professional are qualified and well skilled, hence get good business

The present and future of SEO services in India

n       Present:Really good.Tough completion
n       Future:More and more Indian outsourcing their SEO service to Indian companies. Local companies are growing day by day, hence seek SEO companies' help to rule local market. 

Why SEO as a career

n       High demand for SEO services
n       Many people have made a successful SEO career
n       SEO can make good money
n       Only web designing may not be enough
n       Corporate needs their marketing professional should have SEO knowledge
n       SEO is a never-ending business

What about SEO career options

n       SEO analyst
n       SEO specialist
n       SEO lead
n       SEO manager
n       Internet marketing head
n       Also you can take freelance job
n       Become an SEO trainer
n       Start your SEO training institute
n       Start online business
n       Start internet marketing company
n       SEO reseller
n       Blogger

SEO course detail
Duration: 40 hours
Cost: 10,000 INR
Training mode: Classroom and online
Time: Weekend

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Following this training course, you will be able to:
  • Learn all important strategies for SEO
  • Learn all SEO tools that help your business grow
  • Know how it works and fetches targeted visitors for your site
  • Learn nearly 200 SEO techniques
  • How to build SEO compliant websites
  • Learn what SEO RoI (Return on Investment)
  • Learn what SEO KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
  • Website optimization
  • SEO under financial crisis
  • Inbound marketing
  • Strategic content
  • 30,000 foot view
  • Heat map
Keyword analysis

  • Why you MUST do this properly
  • How to do Keyword Analysis
  • Which tools and techniques to use

On-page optimization

  • What needs to be done to optimize each page of your website
  • How to make your ‘landing’ pages as effective as possible

Off-page optimization

  • What does “Off-page” mean
  • How to build meaningful backlinks
  • How to use blogs, videos and other marketing techniques

Social media and its usage in SEO
  • What is it?
  • How to use it?

Plus lots more

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