Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Benefits of SEO training

If you ask a common people “how you make your business successful”. The answer would be” I will build a website, where I will put my company info, flash, images, and contact address. Once my website is complete, I will send my website link to all my friends, so that they will click my site. In addition, I would ask my friend to refer their fiends to visit my site. Second things what I would do is leaflet/flyer distribution in my area.
Now read this answer from a person who is having little knowledge in SEO. So here is the answer “I will ask my friend to build a website for me, because he is very good web designer. He will put everything to my site image, flash, query form, free chat, skype, gtalk. I have heard that title, keywords and meta tags are very important for optimization, so I will add title and meta tag to my site. I will also add facebook, twitter to my site. It helps a lot.
If you ask a company, they will answer we are on a process to give a new and fresh look to our site. Since it takes lot of time, we will outsource it. Another answer would be, we are looking for some SEO specialist who will perform our SEO task. My marketing manager is accountable for this. Shortly he will reach out consultants.
All of them are right. Nothing wrong at all. However, this is just one-third of your business, what about the other part. Most of the people get stuck here. You all should be aware that SEO is all about content and linking. There is no magic, no secret, no Google favors, which will make you rock star overnight. Let’s see what are bottle necks, where people struggle:
  • Not aware of latest SEO (SEO changes its algorithms very frequently)
  • How to choose correct keyword for their business
  • Have little or no knowledge in web analytics, hence fail to know how the website is behaving
  • Competitive analysis (what is your competitor doing)
  • I have 15 keywords, how to utilize them.
  • This year we have no budget, still we need to do SEO
  • We do keyword analysis, content creation, blog, web analytics, and press release. We spend lot of effort and money, but results are not so great
The answer to all these bottlenecks is SEO training. If you know all the techniques and tricks about Search Engine Optimization, you are a winner. There would be no sloppy job and no money wasting. Learning SEO from a good training is recommended.
We are a Bangalore-based SEO training institute offerlatest SEO training. Our course is of three parts. In part one; you will get to know the history of SEO, purpose of SEO, hall of fame, search engine market share and much more.
Part two will give you the all necessary info about SEO, wherein part three, you will get to know SEO terminology, SEO fact sheet, SEO tips, SEO proposal, and finally SEO project. To know more about SEO trainingcourse detail, see our course tab. There are over 200 ranking factors, which we will teach you. You will get books (hardcopy and PDF), article and certificate. It is a complete SEO training package of 40 hours and we charge professional fee is of 10,000 (ten thousands).
To update your SEO and internet marketing knowledge watch video, read article and listen to SEO radio, visit right side of my blog. I have put everything on my blog, so that you don’t have to visit one site to other site. If possible join my blog.
As a bonus, get free tips how to make money on Internet. If you wish to start your own SEO training institute in India, pls let me know.
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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Career in SEO, India

SEO is no more unheard. Every business owner trying to sell his/her products or service online. Recently I made a search “banarasi pan in Bangalore” in Google and the result was pretty amazing. You can imagine how popular Internet marketing is. If you want to sell something online, then you must know something about SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is such a powerful tool, if you practice it, you can do wonder with you site. To get result, it takes time at least four to six months with proper strategy.

SEO career in India
India is always ahead of other countries when it comes to IT/ITES. Indians are hard-worker, intelligent, and well managed, which is why receiving most number of outsourcing work. As far as SEO is concerned, India is getting equal number of SEO outsourcing work. Added to this lot of Indian ecommerce companies hiring SEO professionals to do their SEO work. Look at these points:
·         Over fifty ecommerce companies and counting
·         Thousand of companies doing online marketing
·         And they need SEO specialist
·         Lot of SEO job outsourced to India
·         SEO service providers are growing

These points show that you have better chance to make your career in SEO. Let us see what other points to consider SEO as career:
·         This industry just started and will go long way
·         Many companies are not aware of this (you can leverage it)
·         Companies have not enough time practice SEO, so they hire SEO specialist

Future of SEO career
Really great. No need to explain to anymore. Look at these options

SEO career as On-Page specialist
On-Page optimization is all about arranging a website in a systematic way so that it can be crawled by search engine. To be clearer, you need to research appropriate keywords and place them in your website. Added to this you need to develop content for your website. Very very crucial. If are planning to be on-page specialist, you should learn SEO from a good institute. Check our SEO course details.  
SEO career as Off-Page specialist
Keyword research and content development no doubt are essential but off-page SEO is equally important. Your content will be searchable, if they are linked properly. If you want to be off-page specialist, you must know what people are looking for and which sites they visit. There are some fifty off-page ranking factors are there to learn. We offer SEO training with all latest techniques and tricks.

SEO manager
Wan to be SEO manager? Learn SEO strategy. You will be responsible for keyword research, competitor analysis, blog optimization, team build up. If you have 4 to 5 yrs of exp in marketing want to switch to SEO, join our SEO training program.

SEO trainer
SEO is not confined to services, but has a wide range of opportunity. You can be a SEO trainer too. Know all the latest techniques. Read lot of articles; spend at least three to four hours on internet. Start training your staff, so that you ca gain confidence. Talk to SEO companies about your interest. Thing will happen. If you serious about SEO trainer talk to us.

Start your SEO training institute
Are you lecturer, experienced teacher, computer institute owner, internet café owner? Here is a great chance of multiply your income. Visit our partner page and get all the info. Any further clarifications, talk to us.

Start your SEO business
Gain some SEO experience. Build your business network. Get all the necessary info from us.   Visit our site to know all the details.

I hope this post will give some insight. Thanks for reading.

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SEO Training institute in Bangalore

Hello everybody, 
Welcome to this blog. If you are looking for SEO training institute, where you can learn latest SEO, then you are reading the right blog. 

About SEO Training Point, Bangalore

This institute has been training SEO for over a half-a-dozen years years in India. The trainer is having 15  yrs of experience in print and web media. 

Learn latest SEO techniques and tricks 

If you want to be successful in SEO, you need to learn latest techniques and tricks. Keyword stuffing and meta tags are not helping out. This year lot of changes have taken place like local SEO, social networking etc. Take a look our course details to know more about training program. Here are the key points, you will achieve from us:
  • Learn SEO 3.0 (latest version)
  • Keywords research using Google tools
  • Web analytic
  • Website: 30000 foot view
  • Why websites fail
  • Inbound marketing
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • And learn 200 ranking factors

What you will receive

  • Books ( Hard and soft copy)
  • SEO videos
  • SEO articles
  • SEO radio

Who can join SEO training program

  • graduates
  • MBAs
  • Engineering students
  • Business owners
  • Housewife
  • Retired persons


No technical knowledge required. If you know internet browsing and can spend two hours a day, you are good to go.

This training program is of 40 hours and the course fee is Rs 10,000 (ten thousands). Any further question, check our FAQs . To take entire tour of our site, visit our site.

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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

SEO periodic table

Are you planing to SEO your website or for your clients. This SEO peridic table will help you.
Visit this link:

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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Career Enhancement Program for Copy editor, Proofreader and Content writer: SEO is the answer

Hello guys!
Are you a proofreader, copy editor or content writer and looking for change. SEO is the right option for you. Please read this!
Choosing right career in right time is really a tough task. One right decision will take to your destination and one wrong decision will make you ruin. What I am trying to say here is, the decision and choice you formulate will affect you for most of your life because it lays down a path for you for many years.

Why SEO is a right choice for you people?
Generally speaking, SEO is content-based activity rather than code based. Since you guys are already into publishing industry, it will be easy for you to learn. Here are some reasons to join this career:
  • Easy to understand
  •  Affordable course fee
  • Less technical involve
  • Good career growth
  • Good salary
  • You can start your own SEO company
For more detail visit 

Thank you

Friday, 16 March 2012

Salary for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist Jobs

Hello guys!
Thought it would help you. I am little hasty in posting but nothing wrong  if I post in quick succession. Prior to this I posted couple of blogs pertaining to SEO job trend. In this blog I am showing salary trend. Do not disappoint or lose your heart by seeing the graph. Salary differs company to company/person to person. 

SEO job trend in Bangalore

Hello guys!
Hope you read my previous post, where i was trying to give an SEO job demand overview in India. And you know the answer. The graph will say it all. But here what I am going to tell you is, the SEO job trend in Bangalore. Because I am a Bangalore based trainer and love to help local guys, however I am free to help every Indian, when it comes to SEO. No biased at all!

Ok! Let me show you the SEO trend in Bangalore. Hope it will help you. Take a loon on this.

SEO, Content writing, Internet marketing Jobs in Bangalore

SEO jobs trends in India

Hello guys!
Are you wondering about SEO career? Many corporate say SEO career is high on demand, because every company is making effort to increase its online maketing share. There was a time when there used to be only few online shopping company like ebay, amazon etc. Now in Inidia there are over hunndreds of online shopping companies. They need SEO professionals who will perform their work. In a nutshell I would say, yes there is a high demand in this industry and it will keep increasing. I have taken a SEO job trend graph. Just have a look on this. I did a comparison among SEO, Content writing and Internet Marketing and the good news is SEO is well ahead of others. See this.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A brief about SEO Training Point, Bangalore

Hi all,
Welcome to my blog. This is my first posting to this blog. The first thing came to mind is to share a brief about SEO Training Point. Its a Start-up with an aim to provide valuable and meaningful  training to all SEO aspirants. To know about us visit

You will achieve:

  • Latest SEO (SEO 3.0/Web 3.0)
  • SEO process/SEO life cycle
  • Internet marketing/inbound marketing
  • Strategic content and Content marketing
  • 30,000 foot view
  • Buyer personas
  • SEO and branding
  • On-page and Off-page
Who can join SEO training
  • Students
  • Business owner
  • housewife 
Graduate with basic internet knowledge

Course duration and fee
It is a 40-hour training and the fee is 10,000 (ten thousand)
To know further visit or call us at 9880276697