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Choosing right SEO training institute in Bangalore

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Looking for SEO training institute in Bangalore. Please read this. You will get clear picture before you choose any institute.

Have you ever thought why your school and college are larger than corporate office? Have you ever thought why some of you joined big-brand college, where some of you joined small college? Some of you cracked the interview and got job and some of you spent a lot of money in business colleges and still struggling for a job? The answer is YOU. Yes, it is you who will decide.

Likewise, when you choose SEO training institute in Bangalore, you will have to be very careful. Selecting an appropriate SEO training program will be one of the most significant decisions you will make in joining the Internet marketing profession. There are approximately hundred SEO training institutes in Bangalore and most of them claim we are best SEO training institute. We offer placement guarantee etc. Never get carried away by their lure words. Take your own call. 

Here are some of the points you must consider.

Who are you?

Your friend joined that institute does not mean that you should join the same. Do an assessment like knowledge, communication skill, grasping power, comfort level.


Here size means group of people in a batch. Recommended is five students in a group. If you are not comfortable, ask for one to one training facility. 

Brand name does not mean that you will get the cream stuff

Most of you already know it. Let’s take an example of a doctor. A doctor works for a reputed hospital from 9 to 5. Same doctor comes to his private clinic, which is of a small cabin and practices the same. So where is the brand here? It is all about knowledge.

So before join any SEO training institute check the reputation.

Checking the course-ware 

Before join any institute, pls ask for course details. Many institutes do not show on their website. Also, check whether the course is up to the market standard or not. However, how do you know that?

About the trainer 

So many self-claimed SEO gurus. Take some reference about the trainer. If possible, go for a personal discussion.

Training Methodology & Course Material

Please check these points:

  • Easy to understand
  • All the topics are inter connected 
  • Focused
  • Ideal for students and business owner (must clarify this)
  • Can the course be customized (must clarify this)
  • Step by step
  • Hands-on

Language they speak

Obviously, the language is English. No No not English. My point is do the trainers speak non-jargon and non-tech language. Can a common person can understand this. You must ask to the trainer, sir I am not aware this techno language. Can I still learn and understand SEO?

Demo class 

To test a trainer, go for a demo class. Most of them offer free demo.

Placement and internship

The bottom-line of training is to get a job. Ask about placement and internship.

Fees and installment 

Is fee affordable? Do they have EMI facility?

Value added service 

What extra they can offer to you?

Final step

Final step is to accumulate all the above points that discussed here and then decide.

About SEO Training Point

We are Bangalore based SEO training institute offer training and placement. We offer SEO, SMM, and complete internet marketing training.

We also offer training for small business and entrepreneurship. If you are planning to start any business, pls let us know. We will help you.



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