Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Does SEO really help your business growing?

You have a very good website and you have done SEO (on page and off page). You are getting decent amount of visitors. Also you are in first page of search engine. But you realized that conversion is not happening. There are many such sites, which have grabbed the top position, but failed to convert customer. What went wrong?

Reasons are many. Some of them are:

1.       Content writing is not done properly

2.       Survey is not done

3.       You do not your customers

4.       Knowledge  sharing is not worth

5.       No product or service info

6.       No flowchart or info graph

7.       No video

8.       No “how to do”

9.       Customers’ pain points not described

10.   Your website in not secured enough

No doubt SEO helps in ranking but cannot fetch customer single handed. In order to get customer you should have a nice website, good content writing, SEO and of course continuous effort. It’s all team work. Hope it will help.

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