Wednesday, 24 July 2013

SEO training for small business owners: why it is must

Hi all,

Many small business owners try hard to get leads/visitors/business from their website but few of them manage to achieve this, coz lack of knowledge and experience.  Some people outsource to SEO companies to do it and spend somewhere 30000 to 60000. Normally SEO service is a six-month contract.

Even after spending time and money website owners worry about their result and ranking. In frustration they curse SEO company and themselves. And then find other solution to rank their website and eventually search for SEO training.

Cursing SEO company is not the solution because it’s your entire fault. You have no clue about SEO; you don’t know how it works, you think it’s complex.

Let’s see what you have lost by outsourcing your SEO job:

  • You have lost time
  • You have lost money
  • You are frustrating
  • Worried about your online business

Another bunch of worries. Here are they:
  • SEO company fool you coz you have no knowledge
  • How do you know that they are doing genuine or fake
  • How do you know that coding is correct is not
  • How do you know that content writing is genuine or stolen
  • The keyword what they are suggesting is meeting your business goal
  • Is keyword is having right for your cometitive market
  • Are they providing contextual back link
  • How do you know that if some body copy your content
  • How do you know that someone writing negative feedback about you and your company
  • Does Google really visit your page or your website is indexed. Do you know this
  • Are they writing blog for you? If yes, then is it optimize
  • Are you there in social media? Is your social media page is optimized

I just highlighted some points. There are many such things that you should know and learn

So our recommend is, get trained from good SEO training institute. Visit

Benefits you will get from our training:
  • Save time and money
  • Learn tools, techniques
  • Build your own in-house SEO team
  • Do not get fooled

If you are planning to learn SEO, pls visit We are based out of Bnaglore offer online and classroom training.
Hope you guys liked this.