Saturday, 24 March 2012

Career in SEO, India

SEO is no more unheard. Every business owner trying to sell his/her products or service online. Recently I made a search “banarasi pan in Bangalore” in Google and the result was pretty amazing. You can imagine how popular Internet marketing is. If you want to sell something online, then you must know something about SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is such a powerful tool, if you practice it, you can do wonder with you site. To get result, it takes time at least four to six months with proper strategy.

SEO career in India
India is always ahead of other countries when it comes to IT/ITES. Indians are hard-worker, intelligent, and well managed, which is why receiving most number of outsourcing work. As far as SEO is concerned, India is getting equal number of SEO outsourcing work. Added to this lot of Indian ecommerce companies hiring SEO professionals to do their SEO work. Look at these points:
·         Over fifty ecommerce companies and counting
·         Thousand of companies doing online marketing
·         And they need SEO specialist
·         Lot of SEO job outsourced to India
·         SEO service providers are growing

These points show that you have better chance to make your career in SEO. Let us see what other points to consider SEO as career:
·         This industry just started and will go long way
·         Many companies are not aware of this (you can leverage it)
·         Companies have not enough time practice SEO, so they hire SEO specialist

Future of SEO career
Really great. No need to explain to anymore. Look at these options

SEO career as On-Page specialist
On-Page optimization is all about arranging a website in a systematic way so that it can be crawled by search engine. To be clearer, you need to research appropriate keywords and place them in your website. Added to this you need to develop content for your website. Very very crucial. If are planning to be on-page specialist, you should learn SEO from a good institute. Check our SEO course details.  
SEO career as Off-Page specialist
Keyword research and content development no doubt are essential but off-page SEO is equally important. Your content will be searchable, if they are linked properly. If you want to be off-page specialist, you must know what people are looking for and which sites they visit. There are some fifty off-page ranking factors are there to learn. We offer SEO training with all latest techniques and tricks.

SEO manager
Wan to be SEO manager? Learn SEO strategy. You will be responsible for keyword research, competitor analysis, blog optimization, team build up. If you have 4 to 5 yrs of exp in marketing want to switch to SEO, join our SEO training program.

SEO trainer
SEO is not confined to services, but has a wide range of opportunity. You can be a SEO trainer too. Know all the latest techniques. Read lot of articles; spend at least three to four hours on internet. Start training your staff, so that you ca gain confidence. Talk to SEO companies about your interest. Thing will happen. If you serious about SEO trainer talk to us.

Start your SEO training institute
Are you lecturer, experienced teacher, computer institute owner, internet café owner? Here is a great chance of multiply your income. Visit our partner page and get all the info. Any further clarifications, talk to us.

Start your SEO business
Gain some SEO experience. Build your business network. Get all the necessary info from us.   Visit our site to know all the details.

I hope this post will give some insight. Thanks for reading.

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