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Increase your visitors by 40% just by doing just social medial marketing

Why social media is a must and why market should care about it

Nowadays, and unlike the past century, social media has come onto stage to give marketing a new face and shifts. In fact, they have also changed our way of looking at life and our behavior at such extent everything we do has to do with them. All things considered; in order to keep in touch with your beloved and even schmooze, social networks take a very important role. They are just the lifeblood of many entrepreneurial people as they are great tools for advertisers to show off their merchandise, products and services. Their features allow managers to advertise in many different ways at a very low or pricey cost. The fact is that companies lacking support on social networks normally fell behind.


Luckily, there are many alternatives that advertisers can harness to gain popularity and trust in the market. The fact is that is these options compete hard to draw in companies looking to sell more and make more money. Both sides, advertisers and ad service providers, are aware that they have to work together to expand marketing opportunities to other horizons.

In this regard; company managers can revel in two types of methods; the ones that are free and the ones that are paid. Regardless of the payment – feature, both provide opportunities and benefits. At the present time, social network is chock-full of free choices which actually haven’t fallen behind in quality; on the contrary, they represent the first must- try for entrepreneurial beginners in the marketing realm. Nonetheless, paid methods are always best when it comes to benefits. Below, there are some enlisted.


It is obviously one of the most important social networks used for marketing. Apparently,  Facebook founder, Mark Zuckenberg, is really interested in people increasing their managerial skills so that they can utilize Facebook above other social networks for promotion. But, what things or elements make Facebook be preferred by many companies? The question is not tough at all. Let’s see the answer.

The reason why managers and company founders have turned to Facebook more than to any other alternative is because of Facebook features and due to its “Will-always-be-free factor”. Among the features, we find that this social network permits interested costumers to contact the advertiser and the company through many ways including phone-calls. And what about its “Will-Always-Be-Free Factor”? Well, this is absolutely Facebook’s lure, as managers are looking to make money without spending a penny (or a dollar) if necessary.


 It is a social network that possibly has hit the wall. Users have probably gotten tired of keeping abreast of show biz news or gossip concerning entertainers. Yet, the reality is different when it comes to promoting your biz. Twitter still outstands among the most used social network nowadays and managers just can‘t afford to let this fact slip through the net. Twitter provides a platform on which company owners can keep their followers informed about products and services,  all in real time.

As well known, Twitter is also a free tool. We are not sure whether or not it will be free forever, but so far it is. This social network allows followers to also get in touch with advertisers and pose their questions. A downside of using it may be the lack of a better structured chatbox as well as the inability to customize the company profile completely.


It is not as famous as the above social networks; LinkedIn provides a great deal of opportunities for companies to stand out. Indeed, this great tool is such a special site for employers and employees and firms in general. Employees can make their CVs public to everybody so that managers and recruiters are able to take some notes and choose among all the available jobless people.

What makes LinkedIn so great is its customization. Well, actually, it’s a matter of preference and likes. Users are allowed to customize their profile making it more attractive to possible managers and employers. You can also connect with your friends and share your professional achievements. Writing notes, posting articles and photos are the most frequently used activities inside this platform.


As its name suggests, Pinterest is a platform that allows people to post their pictures looking for positive and encouraging comments. Having this social network as an alley is truthfully an asset you can’t disregard. Pinterest is free and many professionals harness this tool to post their work, products and services for free so that consumers can browse through all the options. It currently counts on over 150 million users which means there are many professionals fighting to get more visibility on the site.
This social network is a great platform for chefs, food chains, artists, and all professionals and freelancers who work on visual components. Users have the opportunity to create albums or picture galleries by adding something called PIN (photos) in the Pinterest world.

Google Plus

Google hasn’t failed to surprise the world with its development and the launch of new products most of which are free to public. In 2005, the company got ahead by launching things such as Maps, Talk, Reader and Analytics, and as a plus, that year the company reached the number of one million of indexed images, and one year after, it purchased Youtube, launched Docs, Picasa, Calendar, Book Search, Patent Search and achieved that Oxford dictionary include the word Google as a verb.

Now, let’s talk about some features marketers overlook. What do you love is a tool that enables users to search for a term and shows results in groups according to where Google product spotted the information. For example, if you are looking for a brand, Google will show what it found of it on Youtube, Pattents mobile, moderator trends, image search, books and others.


No wonder Yahoo bought out Tumblr for one billion dollars in 2013. It is really a very special social network: its audience is educated and young, which is very useful for many enterprises. Besides,  70% of its users are younger than 35 years, which represents a fresh platform where practically everything is valid.

Its dynamic is very attractive and its content is very visual, however, it perfectly serves as a blog since it enables people to post long texts. It can be considered as a combination between WordPress, Facebook and Pinterest, where the interesting element of blogging merges with social activities and appealing images.

Yet, what’s the best of Tumblr? We already know that its interface is attractive and user-friendly, which provides tools as no other social network, but the greatest opportunities are unique here. From the best 100 active companies in the marketing world, only 31 have chosen this platform for their campaigns and content, which means your firm won’t have so much competition.


Undertaking marketing campaigns will also help increase the number of visitors. You can hire an advertising agency, which counts on different databases to which emails can be sent. Don’t forget to include at least one link to your website.

If you already have a subscriber base, you can send emails to it by using tools such as MailChimp or Emblue.

Start using Google AdWords

With Google Adwords, you will be able to post ads in Google search, positioning your brand provided that your potential clients search the products or services you offer. This is high-quality traffic due to the fact the ad will be only shown to the users that requested your products.
If you avail yourself of Cloud Storage, remember you have a $240 coupon available to invest in advertising (only in some countries) and in this way, you can create a especially designed marketing campaign for your store.


Increasing web traffic is a long-term work. However, there are probabilities to generate traffic to a new website. There are some tricks for generating 40% more traffic in less than 24 hours. Post something new: yeah, it’s not an original trick. But you will always get more traffic once you post something new. This traffic will be increasing alongside the number of your blog subscribers.

Tweet at different times: Not all the followers are online at the same in the day. Take advantage of daytime and night (11pm) to tweet your new posts. According to many advertisers, that is the best time of the day for tweeting.

Post on newsfeeds: there are some sites on which you can post and users can vote if they find your input interesting. You shouldn’t do this more than once a month. You can get 100 visitors though you don’t get to make it to the front page.

Take advantage of Adwords bonus: sign up on Google Adwords and take advantage of Google bonuses to generate web traffic, bearing in mind they usually expire after some time. If you don’t have your own, you will surely get it in forums or by asking around on Twitter.

Make yourself available for publishing your best post in a highly visited site: if you count on an already prepared and potentially attractive article, try to post it on another site within your niche that you consider more popular than yours.

How to get 40% more web traffic (EXAMPLES and choices)

With Inbound Marketing, there’s not a better way of maintaining that increase of 40% of current clients. It won’t only help you keep in touch with potential clients, but it will also be of great help in preventing figures to go down to 20% or less (customer and visitor retention) and extending the estimated customer lifetime value.

Site subscription strategy to increase traffic 40%

With this strategy, you can get up to 8000 subscribers per year which could drive up your traffic up to over 40%.

Pop Ups

Despite they turn out to be a little annoying to users, they are the most effective tools to get subscribers and 40% more in web traffic, while you have a conversion percentage. As a norm, a good conversion percentage oscillates from 2% to 4% but in some cases it can range from 4 to 6% which is a very good figure because it means that 5 out of 100 visitors become subscribers.


High-quality original content

Your products and service must be of great quality and interesting to the public to succeed in drawing people into your website, making consumers feel interested in coming back. Besides, the content must be original and not plagiarized. Google will position you better if the content is original and services and products descriptions are very different from the ones in other websites. 

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