Wednesday, 30 September 2015

SEO training for Chef

Why Chefs need SEO training?

Chefs are creative people, whose lives revolve around food, wondering what SEO has to do with Chefs. If you are a chef who owns a restaurant then, it is most likely that you will need to promote your business online with the help of a website or at least a blog. Even if you do not own a restaurant, you can make your culinary skills and recipes world famous, increase traffic and gain more viewers to your website or blog with the help of SEO.

While chefs will not be interested in doing marketing strategies and techniques, rather they will try to focus on their dish improvising and making it delectable to the customers. But with your expertise in online marketing combined with your culinary skills can bring together amazing results which you cannot fathom. Online marketing is not rocket science and is simply a cake walk, it is a pretty simple technique which you can do it yourself, without seeking the help of an external agency or a third party.

Why chefs need to be present online?

People who enjoy food, mostly go online to first check the reviews, its presentation, the ingredients used as well as the nearby restaurants where the dish is served.  Hence now you know how important your presence is on the internet; if you want more eyes on your website or blog then these SEO techniques and tricks will help you convert these eyes to potential customers in the future.

A professional training at SEO Training Point is your answer, if your business is not reaching the right people and not gaining you enough profit. If you are an aspiring, novice, amateur or even a professional chef, then SEO training is what you need to lay the foundation for fruitful years ahead.

SEO training for Chefs to boost their brand name and image

If you have been invisible all your lives then its time you make a wow presence on the World Wide Web, with simply a website or a blog. Once you have made your presence, then it’s time to get the recognition and appreciation you deserve with the help of SEO implemented to your online portal. While planting your own marketing tips and techniques can be difficult, a little guidance and advice from experts you has had relevant experience form the industry can help you incorporate the marketing strategy in the right proportion and earn you results.

With proper SEO training, branding, networking, link building, customer interaction, showcasing and engaging with your audience all around the world becomes possible from where you sit. SEO Training point offers industry specific and exclusive training to chefs to overcome the challenges and hurdles they usually face in their market. Being a leading SEO training institute in India, chefs at various levels have been trained to educate them on the importance of online marketing and how people can benefit from it.

SEO Training at SEO Training point covers

  • Effectively targeting audience across online channels
  • Promoting traffic through organic searches
  • Website optimization and link building
  • On-page and off-page SEO optimization
  • Brand promotion with effective content marketing
  • Video optimization
  • Blogging and lead building
  • Social media management; Facebook, twitter, you tube, Pinterest etc.
  • Affiliate and email marketing
  • Creating landing pages

Students will also be given practical exposure on SEO training, once they have mastered it including case studies, competitor analysis, market plan etc. The course takes 50 hours altogether and costs INR 25,000 hence mastering SEO will not be a waste of time as it helps in brand promotion and you will also be given a demonstration initially by which you can come to a conclusion as to choose the training or not.

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