Sunday, 20 September 2015

SEO training for school and college

Why schools and colleges need SEO training?

While most of us think that SEO and business or commerce is connected, a relationship between SEO and education or academics is always ruled out, but it indeed has a strong connection. While schools are the basic institution which imparts knowledge and information in the initial years of a child’s life, they have also grown to be a highly business oriented industry nowadays. New courses and different modes of training has propped up with the demand among children for the same. 

While internet has exposed kids to a whole different world raising their level of understanding on education and career prospects thus making them aware of the different courses and training available. The schools and colleges have also realized the power of internet and how much time the students spend on them to do research and analysis on their future. Which is why schools and colleges update their curriculum, facilities, infrastructure, news, photos, training, seminars & talks etc. so that the internet is filled with information and all they have to do is reach to the right audience.

How can SEO help schools and colleges?

While there are umpteen numbers of educational institutions available in the market offering the same set of course or training, the key factor here is to attract more students towards your website while searching over the internet. How is this possible? With SEO you can simply insert a few techniques and tools into your website and this will help prop your school or college website in the first position while doing a search. Coming number one in search results can make all the difference in the world. Clicking on the first option gains a lot of pace and momentum than scrolling and browsing over pages to click the next.
Once they enter your website, it should be a whole different world; with SEO training this part can be easily achieved. List out all your achievements, advantages and information that any student will look for in an institution and badly wants from them. This will help keep the visitor glued to your website and go in search of more information, opening and reading through all the tabs. This is vital as the visitor will spend more time on the website, gather more information and may also convert himself into a potential customer. At SEO Training Point, we offer specialized and exclusive courses for schools and colleges on how to make the above said feature possible.

What SEO training covers?

How to build an informative and innovative website
Keyword research and analysis
How to target foreign students
How to rank first in Google
Local SEO
How to get more leads
Social media marketing

Once you master these basics, your school website will be one that will be looked after by all; our training is conducted by experts in the industry who will assure you that SEO training is the ultimate solution to a fast paced world of business. The course fee costs INR 25,000 and includes competitor analysis, market training, case study, expert talks etc for a total of 50 hours.
Now you know why SEO training is essential for your educational institution, making a mark on the World Wide Web can make all the difference, and at a place where you need to hunt for students with online marketing implemented, students will come to you to gain quality education.

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