Thursday, 5 April 2012

Why websites fail

There are millions of websites and counting, and very few them success. Others cannot compete hence fail. There are many sites, who hold top position on Google still fail to make business. If you would like to know why websites fail, just google it, you will have good amount of answer. In this post, what I am going to show you is practical based failing factors. These are my personal views. Correct me if I am saying it wrong.

Ok, here are the fail factors:

Poor strategy: Many people fail here at this stage. No homework, no consulting and no professionalism lead to failure. Mistakes do happen, but you need be proactive. Spend as much as time you can spend on brainstorming. Spend money wisely on web designing, graphic designing and hosting. Check your web hosting provider’s reputation. So many black listed web hosting companies are offering cheap hosting plan. 

Trust factor: When I visit a site, I try to find out who verified this site. Logos like verisign, truste add trust to your online business.
Bottom line: Business starts with trust. If you do not have any of these, your website fails to attract visitors.

International standard: You would have read "we are ISO 9001 certified company". These days, customers are looking for international standard. I won’t say it is must but good to have.

Good business partner: Partnering with good brand is always good. Let say, you are into enterprise business solution. It makes a difference, if you say, we are certified business partner of Google rather than saying we are partner of xyz company.

Bottom line: You fail if you are not partnering with good companies.

Too much flashy and less message: People love to add flash in their website but forget massaging. Adding meaningful message to flash make visitors to read. Add numbers, facts to your flash.

Poor content: This is generic answer. But what I am trying to say you all is content is not just writing, but has a wide meaning. Any info can be content such as video, image, text etc. Let me start with content writing. While writing a copy chunk, make sure you write it simple and in active voice. Add bullet and number list. People like to see comparison. If possible, include comparison chart/table to your content. Add meaningful image/banner with right message. Some people do not understand table and graph. Add video with easy to understand examples. Content is critical part of your business. If you good at content development, its ok to do it on your own. If not hire qualified people. Do not take risk. Single mistake will ruin your business. I have over dozen years of exp in content and I know how difficult it is to develop content.

Bottom line: Fail is guaranteed if you do not know what is content and how to develop it.

Call to action: Add telephone number and mail id to your home page. Make sure, you assign SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for your customer. If a customer makes a call he/she should call same person. Not like, today one customer speaks to Ashok, tomorrow speaks to Madan.

SEO: Have you done SEO for your site? If not do it now. Very powerful technique to rank your site. Do on-page and off-page optimization. If want to be success in SEO, get trained from good institute or hire qualified SEO specialist. You can check ours.

New and fresh content: People get bored reading same content again and again. It is highly recommenced if  you change your content in every three months.

Blog: Start blogging. Greater chances of failure if you do not have blog. People think you are not interactive and not updating your site. Share tips, advice to your customers.

Social networking: Same result as blog. Facebook and Twitter are must.

 Finally, never give up. There are other factors too. Shoot mail to me at for further queries.

Thank you 

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